This page collects the open-source software that implement RRT*/RRG/PRM* algorithms and their variants. Click here to view a summary of all software.

List of Open-source Software

  1. RRT(*) Library (by S. Karaman and E. Frazzoli)
    RRT(*) library is a fast and modular C implementation of the RRT and RRT* algorithms. RRT(*) was awarded the Willow Garage’s best open-source code award in RSS 2010 (see our RSS’10 paper [?]). We are reworking the RRT* library as a C++ template library. Our beta version can be checked out using svn from the following URL:

    Now, the code is more modular and much more faster. Any comments, suggestions, and questions are very welcome. Please contact Sertac Karaman.

  2. SMP C++ Template Library (by S. Karaman)
    The Sampling-based Motion Planning (SMP) library is a C++ implementation of RRT*, RRG, and PRM* algorithms [?] for problems involving single integrator, double integrator, and Dubins car dynamics (see also [?]). The library also features libbot bindings for visualization and debugging (libbot is a robotics software developed at MIT). Libbot is distributed with SMP. The code and the documentation will be available soon.