This page devoted to up-to-date publications, videos, pictures, tutorials, illustrative examples, presentations, talks, and classroom material on the RRT*, RRG, and PRM* algorithms, proposed in (Karaman and Frazzoli, IJRR11), as well as their variants and their applications in diverse fields.

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  • Publications: Journal papers and papers published in conference proceedings.
  • Presentations: Talks given at workshops as well as presentations of conference papers.
  • Software: Implementations of RRT*/RRG/PRM* algorithms and their variants.
  • Movies: Some videos/animations demonstrating most recent research.
  • Picture Gallery: Some pictures/illustrations on most resent research.
  • Tutorials: New to RRT*/RRG/PRM*? This might be a good place to start.
  • Classroom Material: Would you like to teach sampling-based motion planning algorithms? This might be a good place to find slides/animations/illustrations/videos of fundamentals as well as cutting-edge research.

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